Music Performance -- not composer

First Flight, music and poetry by Fern Hadley, 12

First Flight Fern Hadley, 12 https://youtu.be/lFuFj1hQKpE Why not try playing the music for yourself? You can download a PDF copy of all three pages here. The poem First Flight, based on this song, was one of the winners in our Flash Contest #20. Each stanza of the poem describes each section (every four measures) of the […]

Free, a song written and performed by Alexandra Sheinkin, 12

Alexandra Sheinkin, 12Bedford, NY Free Alexandra Sheinkin, 12 I made an inspiring song called “Free,” working title “The Quarantine Song.” It is uplifting and optimistic. Watch and listen to Alexandra performing her song below. Do you play guitar? Alexandra has shared her chords and lyrics so you can perform her song for yourselves – look just […]

I’m Fine, a song written and performed by Kathleen Werth, 10

I’m Fine Kathleen Werth, 10 I utilized Bandlab (an app with drum beats and mixing options) to put the layering of my song together and form music. You can listen to it at Soundcloud, and read the lyrics below. https://soundcloud.com/user-28081890/im-fine-by-kathleen-werth-age-10-written-and-performed-in-may-2020 I’m Fine Kathleen Werth, 10 Never thought it’d come to this. Hearts beat louder than […]

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