Stone Soup Magazine
December 2018

Snow in Clouds


In the Land of Bananas


Storing Up


Vase on a Stand


Rainy Day


Composition 0

An orphaned painter is given a daunting task—to paint her childhood

A Trip to the Hospital

Sophia isn’t feeling well—what could be wrong with her?

The Girl Who Is Allergic to Everything

A girl learns how to navigate life with extreme food allergies

The Barista

A barista who works at a coffee shop in the airport discovers a six-year-old boy’s lost bear

I AM Poem


Ode to Flowers




Basil-Asiago-Garlic- Olive Oil Tortillas


Cream of Tomato Soup


Honey Beach Bars


Matcha Crepe Cake


Apple Rose Tarts


Dairy-Free Apple Pie


Stone Soup Honor Roll: December 2018


Editor’s Note


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