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Snow Day

A year after the snow day that changed her life forever, Anna finds a wounded bird

Lost Memories

A soldier reflects on the random nature of war while on the battlefield

Inside Mr. Vinden’s Library

When they take a trip, Millie and her mother must stay with surly, strict Mr. Vinden

The Samara’s Flight

A strong wind sends the samara seed on a journey to find her new home

Say “Salt, Salt”

A translation of a Turkish fable about a very forgetful man tasked with buying some “hik”

The Discovery

A British soldier, lost in the desert, stumbles upon an enemy camp


Is the sea a dark, terrifying force? Or is his fear unwarranted? The narrator wonders during a family vacation

One Day Old






The Lion & the Lizard




The Desert




Tacit Tracks


Girl with Birds


Bicycle, Elevated


Chromatic Cardinal


The Temple of Many Towers


Bovine Vignette


Sweet Nothings


Floating on the Ocean


At the Beach with My Family






Third Eye


Moonlight Miracles


Refugee Project – Untitled Portrait 1


Refugee Project – Untitled Portrait 2


Fiery World


New Species, the SnodGrass


Ballet of the Jellies




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