Our Editor, Emma Wood, was interviewed by Jim Harrington for his “Six Questions For…” series,  where editors and publishers discuss writing flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and novels. It’s a short interview, but they are great questions! Read the full page, via the link below, and find out what Emma revealed about what she looks for in the art and writing that makes it all the way through the process to publication in Stone Soup.

Six Questions for Emma Wood, Editor, Stone Soup

Stone Soup publishes fiction, poetry, art, and book reviews created by children aged 13 and under. Read the complete guidelines here. SQF: Why did you start this magazine? Emma Wood: I didn’t start it! I joined the team about a year ago, though, because I strongly believe that children’s writing and art deserves its own magazine.


About the Author

Jane has been working with Stone Soup since 2016 on variety of different things--including running the Stone Soup Test Kitchen! She is a writer, researcher and consultant.

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