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Writing Workshop #49: Thoughtful Word Choice

An update from our forty-ninth Writing Workshop A summary of the workshop held on Saturday October 9, plus some of the output published below For this writing workshop, William presented one of his revised workshop topics on thoughtful word choice. More specifically, William described the concepts of Consonance, repeating a consonant anywhere in a word, […]

Writing Activity: take a character on a believable journey from zero to hero

‘Tom Green,’ a story by 10-year-old Zahra Batteh, is a classic redemption tale. Tom Green, a horrible, spoiled, lazy young man loses all his money and privilege, and through a series of misfortunes and (eventually) hard work over several years develops compassion and gratitude, and becomes a better person. In the end, he finds happiness not […]

Weekly Writing Workshop #20: Character Sketches Part II

An update from our twentienth Weekly Writing Workshop! A summary of the workshop held on Friday August 14, plus some of the output published below This week, the last in our first series of Writing Workshops, our founder William Rubel returned to an earlier theme: character sketches. Last time we worked on character (Workshop #14), we […]