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Freedom of Speech Series: Public Schools

In 1966, in a packed hearing in Delano, California, then New York Senator, Robert F Kennedy, was arguing with the ...
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Why California Schools Should Introduce a World Language Program, by Olivia Shekou, 13

“With all the emphasis on 21st-century skills, with the globalization of the economy and the world becoming smaller because of ...
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My Chinese Dream watercolor

How to Live the Life You Dream of Living, a motivational piece by Sabrina, 13

How to Live the Life You Dream of Living Sabrina Lu, 13 If you would like to live the life ...
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Serene Meditation Mountain, graphic art by Aaron, 11

Serene Meditation Mountain Aaron D'Souza, 11 This picture helps remind me to take time to meditate and keep calm, especially ...
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The Thief, a comic personal narrative by Mihika, 12

The Thief Mihika Sarkar Omachi, 12 ...
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A Faraway Place looking at a house

Relocating, by Diya, 12

Hello, it’s Diya again! Today, I wanted to keep this write-up short and simple. I recently moved to the Bay ...
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