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A conversation between Sabrina Guo—activist, former Stone Soup contributor and current Refugee Project Consultant, and nine-time national medalist from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards—and Shivanshi Dutt, poet and former Stone Soup contributor, about Sabrina Guo's debut chapbook Catalogue of Ripening.

0:23 — What first sparked your interest in language and writing?

1:28 — Did certain pieces of literature or media act as inspiration for your chapbook?

3:05 — What is the message behind your poem "Altar for Daughterhood"?

4:29 — How did your voice develop as you wrote Catalogue of Ripening?

5:59 — What was the most memorable part of writing/publishing Catalogue of Ripening?

7:19 — Which poem from Catalogue of Ripening resonates with you the most?

9:28 — What message do you want to convey with Catalogue of Ripening?

10:19 — What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

You can purchase Catalogue of Ripening via our Amazon storefront, here.

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