April 2018

Poetry Portfolio

The following poems were written by students in a creative writing class that took place in Shanghai, China, hosted by the Stanford University EPGY Honors Academy summer program. My students in this class wrote and read stories and poems in English, but most spoke Mandarin as well as other languages. Many of my students were […]

About the Author

When I try my best but no words come I feel worried, like when I drown in lava. How does it feel like to be an author? Great, because everyone will know the work you wrote. It also feels like you are the most important person in the world. When I do not have to […]

About the Author Poem

Before I write, I put on boots, jackets, scarfs and mittens. “I am prepared.” I tell myself. I close my eyes and write. For I know that if I don’t prepare myself fully, I may never get out of my fantasy world. Emilei Lu, 11Shanghai, China

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