April 2018

lonely boy

Who am I, am I just a lonely boy? When I am lonely I feel wild. Does nobody want me? Or do I have to stay here forever? Well, I will be crashed by a car? What shall I do. I need a real life! I am very far to become a normal boy. Gilbert […]

A human

A human’s life is as an alien’s life. This human has two feet and hairs. It lives in a house and eats with its hair. But actually we guess that humans eat like that. A piece of paper told us how humans are. A human goes to work every day even Saturday and Sunday and […]


The sound you can hear is the fairy’s voice. And remember the fairies are behind you. Fairies are not same as you because they have wings and they are absolutely tiny. And Whatever money you get it is actually your tooth. If you have a very clean and white tooth put it under your pillow […]

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