April 2019

Chinese Calabash Girls

Chinese Calabash I, Chinese ink, watercolors, and calabash   Chinese Calabash II, Chinese ink, watercolors, and calabash   On my second calabash, I drew a Chinese poem written by Wang Anshi, a famous prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty. The poem describes the Spring Festival in ancient China. Here is the poem in Chinese […]

Joyous Ensemble

    In Shenzhen, China, the night before my first performance on tour with the Joyous String Ensemble, one of the youngest string ensembles in the world, I dreamt of a plum. Up close, it was a combination of pink, red, and orange. In front of me, two paths intersected, forming a shape like a […]

Gilmanton at Night

  The crickets chirp, sing to the starry night. The floorboards creak and moan of old age. The wallpaper stands rigid, but cracked and peeling. The motorcycles rev and talk back and forth by the road. The two old Volvos settle in on the grassy lot. A musty, old-yet-comforting smell seeps everywhere in the house. […]