December 2018

Ode to Flowers

  Oh, flowers, smelling like nothing else Your colors shining in the sun Sitting on the ground and grass and swishing in the trees Your petals blowing everywhere So very beautiful Red or green or yellow and all the other colors Oh, flowers, I’m happy to be seeing you every day Irene Surprenant, 8Santa Clara, […]

Composition 0

When my father first saw my mother on stage, he was amazed by how the words flew out of her mouth so naturally. I’ve never seen my mother perform, but in old photographs, she always appears angelic. She had luscious blonde curls and stormy grey eyes. She didn’t have my frizzy brown hair or my […]

Editor’s Note

During the holidays, when cookies, cake, and hot chocolate seem to be everywhere, we tend to think of food as a comfort and as a delight. We don’t often talk publicly about the many anxieties surrounding food, about the allergies, intolerances, and religious or ethical dietary choices that can make it difficult to enjoy a […]

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