December 2021

Old Man

Once an old man stepped to me We sat down on the chair He said to remember this day But now that I see that man was no other than Nature Gideon Rose, 9Dallas, TX

Cold Heart

This man has little food, Little water, Has not eaten in two days, Only thinks of love. Once a person, or unhuman I should say, Punches the poor man and throws his supplies in the trash. The man gets on his knees for mercy And still only thinks of one thing: Love. You may think […]

The Lonely Radio

A radio grapples with its essentially passive existence as the world crumbles around it Radios have become old-fashioned. I know that through the snippets of conversation I hear as I sit on my table. Despite that, they’ve never done more than talk about replacing me. There’s a man who uses me the most often. He […]

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