February 2022

Love Water

Love water is a charm and a heart Teamwork is what I call fantastic part of a world, part of a world with never ending fun with never ending fun and the love of a heart Peter Shuster-Raizberg, 7New York, NY

The Word

I look through boxes for things I want to keep, taking out those I need, leaving in those I don’t Need or want. Then suddenly I see, At the bottom of the box, A word. It’s a scary word, a horrible word, A terrifying word. I don’t want that word. I don’t see why I’d […]

I Say It Drizzles, You Say It Pours

A meditation on what makes each of us unique—and strange Lauren has declared that I am officially an alien. She declared it when we stood, or rather huddled, by the door as the rain supposedly “poured” outside. The word “poured” was thought of by a group of abnormally dry and cold North Carolinians who claimed […]