January 2019

A Dinner Party

  The old man tidied his home for his dinner party. Slowly, the guests trickled in, and a subtle murmur burbled across the room. He stepped across his woven carpet, antique and intricate like moss burnishing a forest floor. The guests seemed uneasy, whispering amongst themselves around the oaken table. The old man pulled in […]


  drifting falling a small voice calling through the wind through the clouds snowman made on the ground a snowball fight begins a cold ball hits me on the chin Eliza Wagner, 8West Hartford, CT

The Sycamore Tree

    Once upon a time, there lived a bright and cheerful sycamore tree named Triffle. Triffle was bewildered by the rapid riffles at the edge of the clear blue river. She was very astonished at how rapidly the river was moving. She spotted a baying dog and a squalling bunny running away, trying to […]