January/February 2007

A Different Kind of Lullaby

Her room was quiet. Too quiet. In fact, the whole house was quiet, and Abby knew why It was empty—all except for her. There had been a note, of course, there was always a note, waiting on the table after school. Abby: Gone out for a while. Be back soon. Love always, Mom Abby wondered […]

The Old Farmhouse

The farmhouse was small and old. Its ancient yellow paint was peeling from the clapboard walls. Its black roof was worn and was missing some shingles and sagged in the middle, as if an elephant had once slept there. “I know it’s not perfect but it just needs a few homey touches,” my mom said, […]

Night in the Woods

Smoke rising Into the dark sky Crickets chirp And a twig snaps Warm air presses against me And a cold wind Blows behind my back The fire crackles And Mother laughs As my marshmallow Blows up in flames Then it is bedtime Crawl into the tent The air is cold But inside the sleeping bag […]