January/February 2007

Guess What, Rebecca Baits?

Rebecca knew a lot more about life than most children do. Rebecca, being the eldest of three children, had a lot of experience with young kids. She was kind and accepted the challenges that everyone must face now and then. What she did not know was that something huge was coming, something that would change […]

Underground Man

Underground Man, by Milton Meltzer; Harcourt Children’s Books: New York, 2006; $17 Milton Meltzer’s Underground Man is a fictional but historically accurate account of life during the Civil War. Josh, a teenager, leaves his farm home to start a life of his own away from his parents. During his travels, he meets a runaway slave. […]

The Time Magicians

Sunlight beamed onto Gareth Then’s face, forcing him awake. It was the morning after Gareth had arrived at his Uncle Turif’s cabin on the island of Belmopan. The cabin was in a clearing of the isolated Zel Forest, and Turif lived there alone. Gareth was there against his wishes. Dinner the night before had been […]