January/February 2008


I watch the sun melting like butter into the calm swirl of waves and foam It glides down, a flying ballerina In the far end of my vision, I can see shimmering stars glistening: City lights I look deeply into the vast universe below, a world of its own, And see reflections Somewhere, I can […]

Life As We Knew It

Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer; Harcourt Children’s Books: New York, zoo6; $17 My first impression of the book Life As We Knew It was that it would be boring and drawn-out, judging by its number of pages and blunt plot. When I began reading it, I was mesmerized with the book’s […]


“Dad,” I whined, stomping the sole of my new black riding boots into the hard pavement of the driveway, feeling my heel grinding into the small pebbles. “Can we go to the stable yet?” I tugged on the handle of my dad’s old pickup truck, yearning to open the door, hop in, and drive off. […]