January/February 2008

Cry of the Phoenix

Min-Li was an eleven-year-old slave girl taken from her family so long ago that she barely even knew who she was. Her owner, Master Chu, never considered telling her anyway. He never really treated Min-Li properly, and he was a terrible master. Master Chu never even used Min-Li’s real name; he called her “wretch” and […]

The Balloon

The day of the eighth-grade picnic is beautiful and flawless, the sky a velvet blanket of blue. My mom drops me off in front of the school. A cheerful and colorful Goodbye Eighth Graders! banner greets me over the front door of the school. A big bouquet of purple balloons is tied to it. I […]

Snow Fights

“Imagine Ethan, right there: the Alamo!” Jack said, throwing out his arms at the blank patch of snow. “The Alamo?” said Ethan. “Sure! All you need to do is build a big, weird-shaped wall and put a bunch of windows on it.” Ethan and Jack had been arguing about what would be a cooler snow […]