July/August 2017

The Track of Fear

“ARGHHHHH!” my sister and I screamed Chug! Chug! Chug! the rollercoaster roared as I rose higher and higher into the air. High above the bustle of Paris, my sister and I rose and plunged on the snakelike coaster. My stomach started sinking like the Titanic when I dared look down for a split second. Why […]

Welcome Aboard

I had heard that boarding a train was like entering a whole new world Gusts of wind whipped around the platform, a welcome appearance for the impatient passengers dripping with sweat on this sweltering Beijing summer afternoon. Off in the distance, two whistles blew, piercing the air with their tremulous shrill, ushering in a series […]

Summer Sea Shell

My feet sunk into the soft sand. The waves called to me. “Come play,” they said, “within my water so that I can hear your laughter.” The water washed up on the yellow sand, trying to reach me. The breeze rustled in my hair and the only sound I could hear was the love that […]

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