July/August 2017

Not Just a Dream

I knew that the memories of my mother would burn on forever Wind rushed through my long hair as I ran through the spring-green grasses of my mother’s farm. I was the happiest I had ever been. I ran through fields, picking flowers and tucking them behind my ears. I felt like a little girl […]

Goodbye, Mr. Semach

The air smelled of sea salt and the day was as bright as the sun I hopped into my friend Teddy Ertel’s white Honda Pilot SUV on July 26, 2016. My friends Jonny, Teddy, and Mir were there too. We were going to Teddy’s beach club, Catalina, which was located in Atlantic Beach. We all […]

The Track of Fear

“ARGHHHHH!” my sister and I screamed Chug! Chug! Chug! the rollercoaster roared as I rose higher and higher into the air. High above the bustle of Paris, my sister and I rose and plunged on the snakelike coaster. My stomach started sinking like the Titanic when I dared look down for a split second. Why […]