May/June 2001

Tiger, Tiger

Toly hid among the tall grasses of the tropical forest. He could feel the cold sweat trickling down his face. The tiger was standing close now, so close Toly could feel its pulsing breath. The vibrant black and orange of the tiger’s coat hurt his eyes. It couldn’t see him; only the tiger’s keen sense […]

No Simple Thank You

I didn’t know That going to my new school Would mean four long nights Away from you. I didn’t know I would miss your scratchy face When you kiss me, Wrestling on the bed, Climbing on your back Or into the “rabbit hole” To watch TV together. I didn’t know Just how much I’d miss […]

Colors of a Champion

It wasn’t the best night for the race. Earlier that afternoon, a torrential downpour had drenched the ground. The air was thick and humid and the sky a murky gray soup. Dense fog was beginning to envelop the landscape. The tote board flashed the condition of the track—SLOPPY. Judy Garland was depressed. She had trained […]