May/June 2001

Twisted Friendships

I had never had anyone my age who lived on my street. All of my friends lived at least ten minutes away. I had always envied those who could call up their friends whenever they were bored and say, “Hey, want to get together?” My mom told many fond stories of her adventures with neighborhood […]

Frightful’s Mountain

Frightful’s Mountain by Jean Craighead George; Dutton Children’s Books: New York, 1999; $15.99 Jean Craighead George wrote the book Frightful’s Mountain. It is about a peregrine falcon named Frightful and a boy named Sam who loves peregrine falcons. Sam lives in a tree house on a mountain where he likes to watch Frightful and many […]

Ray of Light

I hiked up the rocky trail that led to the place I knew so well. Tiny drops of rain fell from the dark sky. A cool mist lingered over the ground. The boughs of the elms that had grown over the path brushed my face. Normally, we would have cut the branches back, but now […]