May/June 2007

To Kill a Unicorn

  Our small hunting party trotted silently along the woodland path, searching for the white ghost of the forest. We knew the unicorn’s weakness now. An old enchanter, passing by my father’s castle, had said that a maiden fair of face could trap a unicorn with a golden bridle. We were taking along Jan younger […]

Notes to Each Other

CHAPTER ONE Emma and her family were walking home from the church meeting on Sunday, when her mother, Katherine Stuart, began to tell about the family that was coming to stay with them in a week. Mr. and Mrs. Keymon were some college friends of Emma’s parents. The Keymons had a boy and a girl, […]

My Friend, Luis Manuel

When I lived in Caracas, Venezuela, I went to a Catholic school called San Ignacio. I was there for kindergarten and preparatorio (a grade after kindergarten and before first grade). I was in a group of three friends that always did everything together. In this group, there was the oldest, a kid whose name I […]