May/June 2007

What the Stars Are Made Of

Sixteen-year-old Bella sat nervously in her chair. “Think about something else,” she told herself, yet the wandering of her mind always came back to her love, the baker’s son, Cody They have always been friends, more than friends. When they were little they would spend their summer nights together, skipping smooth rocks on the sandy […]

The Summer Father Was Away

“Jo-bear, Jo!” a voice called. “Wake up, wake up—it’s just a bad dream.” “Where am I?” I awoke, puzzled, my eyes only half open. A familiar face hovered over me in the morning light, sun-bleached hair strewn across his forehead, and clear glacier-blue eyes. A boy about fifteen—my brother, Nathaniel. “Where are we going?” I […]

Jim Ugly

Jim Ugly, by Sid Fleischman; HarperTrophy (reprint edition): New York, 2oo3; $6.99 If you like mysteries and suspense/adventure books, then Jim Ugly is the book for you! Twelve-year-old Jake Bannock’s father, Sam, is dead. He was buried in a pine wood coffin with ice inside to keep him cool and comfortable. But Jake has heard […]