May/June 2008

Voice of Sorrow, Voice of Joy

It was late afternoon on a humid Thursday in June. The air seemed to wrap everything on Long Island up in a sticky, sweaty bundle, even despite being near the ocean. The heat certainly didn’t help my already sweaty palms and flip-flopping stomach that made me think of a beached cod. Ugh! New York City […]


Dust particles danced in the shafts of moonlight that filtered through the holes in the barn roof. The sight wasn’t much, just a regular old barn, but the sounds, ah, the sounds were special. Galileo, the owl, hooted from the rafters of the old building. Bella, the foal, shuffled restlessly in her stall, while Sugar, […]

The Nickname Game

Rain and warm mist stick to the windowsills. My face is leaning towards light, pressed against glass. It’s a sun shower. Always such an unnerving thing, as most adults put it. I think we need more of these sun showers in life. It’s too rare a moment to pass up, and it brings such joy. […]