November/December 2003

The Hunt

With a glance that bordered on premonition, he saw it Buck felt the wind blow through his shaggy hair as he pounded his way across the frozen forest, his whole pack following half a minute behind. The chase had lasted three days, three long days of running at top pace, his nose continually dipping toward […]


Tendrils of clinging fog rose up off the ice, curling into claws, sinking into my skin, freezing my blood as it pumped through my body. Shaking, I looked around, seeking a friendly face, a familiar face, anything, something that wouldn’t leave me feeling so alienated and alone. There was none. The judges’ faces were blank, […]

A Gated Memory

Swish, Swish . . . The repetitive motion of the windshield wipers flicks the tapping droplets to the side. The fog flushes out everything as if someone poured the foam from a soda over San Francisco. Only the tops of the Golden Gate’s 746-foot towers protrude out of the milky sky. Going over the bridge, […]