November/December 2003

The Pharaoh’s Daughter

Walking into my father’s mud-brick palace, I saw my brother standing in the middle of a plaza. Not stopping to think why he was surrounded by guards, I ran toward him. “Rudiju!” I said. Rudiju was my favorite person in the palace because he always used to play games with me when we were little. […]

Rainy Day Man

Emily and I were the best of friends. I remember those times when we were four, licking melted ice cream off our fingers in the burning sun. I remember fifth-grade days spent frolicking in the pool in hot and freezing water alike. I remember the seventh-grade blues, where the sorrow of both of our failed […]

Winter Palaces and Ice Ballerinas

It snowed last night, first it came down softly, then hard. My father was watching the news this morning, and told me that my school was cancelled because of the slick ice on the roads. My mother said that Jack Frost had done a good job last night. I could tell he did too. The […]

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