September 2021

Words of Snow

a poet once wrote a poem a friend read it and exclaimed in outrage this is just a blank page exactly the poet beamed a blank page with words of snow: Sim Ling Thee, 13Singapore

Astro Doll

Mixed media   Ruth, 8 Ethiopia, Kenya About the Project There are millions of children affected by war, social collapse, and climate change now living in refugee camps, or dispersed in host countries far from their original homes. The work that appears here is a part of Stone Soup’s growing collection of creative expression by […]


A drop A splotch A paintbrush gone astray A crash A puddle A mug of milk collapsed on the table A shriek A fault line A gaping tear on the paper A kid A toilet break A sister folding artwork into a paper plane A bin A careless hand A father throwing the masterpiece into […]