September 2021

A Natural Evening

The high-rising sea next to the tree with the leaves scattering on the ground and the sea, with the rocks standing still while the birds make their kill and the blue lights, as calm as can be. The daisy tree, the stars, and the bee and the little leaves next to me. The cars on […]

Uninvited Guest

Sit on the Formica chairs you arranged yesterday, flowers embedded in the seat fabric. The candles should be lit, expanding light on the mahogany table, with white napkins laid out, displaying their whiteness. You will see the person in front of you, holding the silver cutlery with a single glove on the left hand, just […]


Will Gregory be able to write a memoir that will make his teacher cry? It was a normal day in these past few months of quarantine: attending online classes and doing work. I casually got my half-full writer’s workshop notebook, a pencil, and signed into class. “You will be your own teachers today, guys, as […]