September/October 2011


The sunlight slanted through her window, dancing merrily around the room: the crayon drawings still taped on the walls, the beanbag chair sitting invitingly on the floor, the magenta streak on her desk from when she had drawn a particularly messy oil pastel scene. Kathy smiled, lost in the deluge of memories. This room was […]

Icarus Falling

I awake early in our small, candlelit prison a stone tower high above the sands of Crete. Father melts hot wax from his thick candle dripping it on my shoulders his gentle hands press something into place. Wings! Giant, feathery white wings unfolding from my bronze shoulders I stand in awe. Suddenly guards pound on […]

Diablo’s Apology

The sun enhanced his golden coat, making it shine like a diamond The smell of baking bread filled my nostrils as I walked into the house, carrying my basket of eggs. “Carrie! Did you bring in the eggs?” Mama called from the kitchen. “Yes, Mama.” I set the basket on the table, where Mama was […]