September/October 2011


The sunlight slanted through her window, dancing merrily around the room: the crayon drawings still taped on the walls, the beanbag chair sitting invitingly on the floor, the magenta streak on her desk from when she had drawn a particularly messy oil pastel scene. Kathy smiled, lost in the deluge of memories. This room was […]

Field Trip

Look up. Can you see the moon? white as snow? The sun, as yellow as a new crayon? A baby blue sky like an ocean? Look down! Cold in one spot, warm in others, the creek is full of amazing creatures Our nets, shaped like D’s scoop up mud puppies and crawdads The still water […]

How to Survive a Line Drive

“Let’s do this, Dani,” Sam shouted, eyes twinkling with delight Ever wish you were smaller than a grain of sand? Ever wish you could become invisible? Ever wish you could rewind your day? Well, that’s what I wished on my eleventh birthday. “Happy birthday to Dani, happy birthday to you,” they sang as I blew […]