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Congratulations to our Poetry, Story, and Art Prize winners and honorable mentions!

Thank you to everyone who submitted poems, stories, and artwork to our new contest series. The entries were impressive, and we’re so excited to be publishing all of the pieces below in upcoming issues of Stone Soup! The results are:

The Stone Soup Poetry Prize


“That Wild Place” by John Gabriel Sperl, 11

Honorable Mentions

“The Cracking” by Natalie Chien, 13

“Who You Really Are” by Goldie Leitman, 9

“Regret” by Isabella Lin, 13

“Ocean’s Surface” by Micki Mermelstein, 13

The Stone Soup Story Prize


“Star” by Sierra Elman, 14

Honorable Mentions

“A Monarchy of Stones” by Emma Catherine Hoff, 12

“Pecan’s Story” by Hazel Holt, 11

“The Lonely Path” by Chris Yihan Ye, 12

The Stone Soup Art Prize


Make Peace Not War by Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou, 10

Honorable Mentions

Cosmic Hope by Yu-bin Bae, 12

Poker Face by Derek Byun, 13

Tears of Light by Brianna Guo, 11

Blue Dragon by Eli Park, 11

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