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Eden George, 10, Brooklyn, NY


Eden George, 10

2020 was supposed to be our year

It was the year guaranteed to make us all cheer

What’s this we hear?

Coronavirus- nothing to fear


Kobe’s death, what could be worse?

Throughout the world armies did disperse

Confirmed alien sightings, we’re not alone in this universe

Words of warning from my mother the nurse


Rumors of schools closing

Many of us are supposing

Masks, they are imposing

Still no mandate for enclosing


Now attending school with a click

Getting sick

What a trick

I really hope this is over quick


Birthday parties over Zoom

My grandma’s death I thought did loom

Prayers to avoid impending doom

I wonder will this all end soon


Today is the eleventh-twentieth day of Junetober

Man, when is this craziness going to be over?

I have way too much toilet paper; wait what, now I’m a hoarder?

Showing my passport just to cross the New York to New Jersey border


Fireworks light up the nighttime sky

I thought this was reserved for the 4th of July

Is this a celebration, or are we all about to die?

What, murder hornets - now I’m really gonna cry


If I go on another hike

This is the year I really learned to ride a bike

Thankfully, the beach I also do like

I’m hearing the teachers are about to strike


George Floyd and Breonna Taylor

Black Lives Matter, votes by mailer

It’s time to start thinking about the 2020 movie trailer

Worried about not going back to school and whether or not I’ll be a failure


Social distancing is still a thing

Halloween candy dangled on a string

I dressed up this year as a mask wearing King

To the virtual costume party, what should I bring?


I’m thankful for the essential workers

Doctors, nurses, and those who flip burgers

Supermarket cashiers and restaurant servers

First responders, teachers, and medical researchers


2021 will soon appear

Rest in peace to those no longer here

Vaccination very near

Extremely happy to close this year!


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  1. This totally sums up 2020. You have written something all of us in the USA can relate to. You’ve perfectly said what we’re all thinking this year, so now we don’t have to! Wonderful writing

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