Home Sick, a poem by Carolina Ulloa-Compton, 12

staying at homeand being alonemy mom says it will endbut my dad says this is not the enddiscussing what will happenof something that we don’t know nobody knows longing for normalcylike a curious mousewondering when it will endwhen even a feather could break meinto microscopic piecesthat no one would noticeI am dead on the inside […]

Out of It, a poem by Madeline Male, 14

Out of school!Out of paper towels –Out of sanitizer . . .Out of masks.Out of sports.Out of work.Out of business.Out of energy.Out of things to do.Out of friends.Out of touch.Out of sorts.Just out of it.

Covid, a poem by Melanie, 9

Covid Melanie Delfina, 9 It was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel,   when it felt like the sky was beginning to rumble.  The sky faded dark.  I saw no hope,   for this Covid had just begun.    Places getting closed  students at home  hotel rooms left alone.    Days passed.  […]

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