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7:15 am- When my alarm goes off, I always wonder if I could just throw it on the ground, then go back to sleep. Well, I can’t do that, actually, because my dad is my alarm and I would be in trouble trying to throw him at the ground. 7:15 is the worst part of the day. After the alarm goes off, the quiet, peaceful house starts to wake up: my dad yelling at us to wake up, my little sister screaming at me to give her clothes (which I don’t have), my mom going through her makeup desk wondering which mascara she should put on, and me trying to find my favorite hoodie.  

7:30 am- My hair is all sticky and oily and my mom screams at me to take a quick shower. I know not to argue because if I do, I have to look sticky, smelly, ugly, and oily when I go to school. When I’m in the shower, I instantly regret it because it’s soooo cold. But you can’t just get out of shower when you’re already wet. So I just stay in there for five minutes and then get out and runnnn to my room for warmth. 

7:45 am- What you are probably imagining is a lovely and fancy breakfast full of warmth and happiness. Well, if that’s what you are thinking, you are wrong. My breakfast goes like this: my little sister complaining that she has way too much food, me arguing with my sister, my mom telling my sister to just eat, and my dad screaming at us to be quiet. That’s how my breakfast goes. And because of my sister, I don’t think I can eat properly with my eardrums half missing. 

7:50 am- I do a quick double check just in case I forgot my iPad. And if I do have my iPad, I check if I have my science folder. If I don’t have it, you never want to know what my science teacher would say! She would say: “Honey, remembering your folder and your homework is part of your responsibility. You will get a zero if you forget. Don’t be sad because this is your fault, not mine.” And then I make sure I have my pencil case because you never know if anyone’s going to lend you a pencil.

7th period- SPANISH TIME! I love Spanish. Not because I can speak it very well. But I enjoy the class because my Spanish teacher is so kind. She rarely gives any homework and lets us play a fun game on Fridays! I also do extra Spanish on Tuesdays, which is awesome! I also have a friend in both Spanish classes, and he is interesting and funny. When we were learning the Spanish word “cero,” which is “zero” in English, he said, “Zero. The meaning of life.” It was hilarious. I think that he is one reason why I can survive 7th period! 

9th period- Have you ever had a nightmare? Well, I bet you do. Let me tell you my nightmare: gym. Gym drives me crazy. I really wish that they made gym optional. Gym makes me wish I was invisible for 80 minutes. Yes, I have some friends who make going to the gym easier. But you can never get away from my gym teacher’s yelling: “Get away from your friend, Lauren!” or “Put your mask on before I send you to the office!” or “Lauren, do the jumping jacks! They are not that hard!” Following all those instructions drives me crazy!

10th period- If you had a nightmare, there are always good things too, right? And my good part of the day is woodworking! Woodworking is so much fun. You get to cut, paint, polish, sand, and file. First, you choose what you want to do. Then you cut, file, and sand. You make sure the wood is pretty and smooth. Then it’s the best part! You paint your wood. There are millions and millions of different colors. Salmon pink, light blue, purple, orange, cream yellow. There are so many of them! And you lastly, do your polishing. That makes your project extra shiny.

Tutoring- I do a lot of online tutoring. Some of them are not that bad. But others are horrible. You have to sit in front of the computers forever! The teachers give a bunch of homework. There is not much to describe about my tutoring except the word boring.  

Homework time- You always have to do homework, right? Well, about 7:00-9:00 p.m., I have to do my homework. I always don’t do it for two hours. Sometimes I have a little homework and sometimes I have a massive amount of homework. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. 

Rest/Bedtime- Finally! After the stress of going through the whole day, why not treat myself a little? This time of the day, I call my friends, watch TV, or play with my sister. It’s my free time and my bedtime too. I cross my fingers in hopes that I don’t have a lot of homework for this time. Then I go to sleep crossing my fingers (again) that my dad wouldn’t come too early and scream at me to wake up all over again!

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