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An update from our twenty-first Book Club meeting!

Our most recent Book Club meeting was on October 31–Halloween! We had several participants who dressed up, representing characters from Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, and our current read–Keeper of the Lost Cities, which is about a girl, Sophie, who discovers she is an elf with magical powers!

Our discussion, which included 28 kids from across the US, and in the UK, began with a brief talk about whether we liked the book or not. We generally agreed that it was an entertaining story, though the characters were somewhat flat, and the elf-world was sometimes a little too perfect.

We then split into breakout rooms to talk more in-depth about the characters and setting, coming to some very good conclusions regarding whether we felt Sophie was a compelling main character, and why or why not; and a deeper look into the very glossy, shiny elf world, which may not be as great as it seems. It was really fun to have these conversations, and hear everyone’s thoughts!

Next, we were given a thinking/writing prompt: if you were an elf and had magical powers, which magical power would you want, and why? We pondered this for a few minutes, and then shared our answers. People responded that they would like to be  Telepaths (like Sophie), Inflictors, Polyglots, Hydrokinetics, and many more! We also debated whether we would even want to have powers, and which powers we would not like to have. Overall, it was a fascinating conversation.

We finished up our book club by choosing our next book, which is listed below. We hope you see you all on December 5 to discuss it!

Our Next Book (to be discussed on December 5):

The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill



The Stone Soup Book Club is open to all kids ages 9-13. Our next meeting is on the first Saturday of December at 9am PST, via Zoom. Registration is required. It is $10 per class–and half off for all subscribers. You can sign up for Book Club via Eventbrite here.

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