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Reading OBOB books (Oregon Battle of the books, also known as OBOB is a reading program for students 3rd-12th grade), I found a book that left me amazed. This book had many recommendations and reviews, and many people that I knew had suggested this book. I have read this book so many times; I am still not sick of it. The book is called Wish by Barbara O’Connor.

Charlie’s life turned unexpectedly when she had to move to Colby from her home in Raleigh, because of her "broken" family. Her father (nicknamed “Scrappy”) is in jail, her sister is graduating from high school, and her mama won’t get her "dang feet" on the ground. She is sent to live with her aunt and uncle that she barely knows, and she is very unhappy about it. There were so many cons. The house hanged off the hill, people ate squirrel pies, the teacher called her Charlemange, and her only friend was Howard, who had a strange walk that went up and down from side to side. But on her journey in Colby, she will find a pro, a very good pro that would change her life forever. Wishbone. This stray dog that she sees one day, she knew that Wishbone would be perfect. Luckily, Howard, who looked quite shabby and seemed annoying, was a great friend and was very brainy too. Together, they could catch Wishbone.

Along their quest to find Wishbone, there are things that will spark their friendship. Charlie has been making the same wish everyday since 4th grade (she is in 5th grade). She has never told anyone until she met Howard. One day when they are at the creek, they say something at the same time, so they get to make a wish. After they have made their wish, Charlie decides to guess what Howard’s wish is. She guesses that Howard didn’t have his up down walk. She instantly regrets it, and Howard gets up and leaves. Will she still be able to catch Wishbone (while fixing her friendship)?

This book really makes the reader want to continue reading this book. Wish teaches a great lesson about perseverance. You can tell that Charlie is perseverant because the author noted that Charlie made the same wish for a year. I really hope you read this book and enjoy it as much as I did.

In conclusion, I believe this is one of the best books I have ever read. The book doesn’t tell what Charlie’s wish is until the end, which I think makes the book suspenseful and keeps the reader hooked in the book. This book includes a lot of adventure, understanding, and friendship. I encourage you to read this novel. You won’t regret it once you read Wish.

Wish by Barbara O'Connor. Square Fish, 2017. Buy the book here and support Stone Soup in the process!

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