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We shared the news with you last month that past Stone Soup contributor Sabrina Guo, a freshman at Syosset High School in NY, created new organization called LILAC, a student-led organization dedicated to serving the affected patients, medical professionals and first responders fighting during the coronavirus epidemic. LILAC is devoted to a multi-disciplinary and wide-scale approach of affecting change and instilling hope. Stone Soup is proud to be associated with LILAC, and we congratulate Sabrina on her initiative and its continuing fantastic work.

So far, LILAC has raised over $57,000 on GoFundMe, which includes a generous donation by Sabrina of part of her college savings of $40,000 and all of her personal savings of $950. With these funds they have ordered 25,000 masks and 1,000 coveralls/gowns for areas of critical need, and donated them to hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, first responders, fire departments, and local government offices.

Their ThankYou & WeCare Initiative raises the medical community’s and patients’ spirits by compiling and distributing encouraging letters, cards, artwork, and creative videos in a dedicated space where all can come to enjoy uplifting works which show solidarity, support and appreciation. These submissions are then donated alongside PPE to the countless facilities that LILAC has already served, and they are always received with a grateful smile and an open heart.

In recognition of LILAC’s leadership and service to the community, the Nassau County Legislature issued an official government proclamation of citation: you can watch a video of the presentation of this honor to Sabrina from her community here. Many congratulations, Sabrina.

Additionally, LILAC has partnered with politicians like Legislator Josh Lafazan and NY Congressman Tom Suozzi, and has gained support from Johns Hopkins’ Center for Talented Youth’s Study of Exceptional Talent, a nonprofit for gifted children called the Davidson’s Institute, local newspapers, and school district administrators and other community and cultural leaders.

LILAC has also begun expanding to the rest of New York State and nationally, donating masks to upstate New York medical clinics and funds to underserved undocumented families and children in New Orleans, and is looking for students to participate and join the cause! Stone Soup is working with LILAC to offer support and assistance as they reach out to the wider national and international community.

If you’re interested, and would like to follow the campaign, or make a donation, you can find the GoFundMe campaign here; and pick up news and updates via Instagram.

Stone Soup is proud to support this great initiative, and we hope our readers will consider doing so, as well.

And, to all our readers–what local initiatives are you involved with during this crisis? Let us know so we can stand together, offer our support, and spread the word to the rest of the Stone Soup community!

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