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Babette’s Feast

Here is a PDF of the short story Babette's Feast by Isak Dinesen. See the Stone Soup Saturday Newsletter for September 16, 2017, for some background.





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  1. Hi – These are excellent, thank you. One minor request: while there are some typos in Babette’s Feast (no big deal, everyone can figure it out) there is one typo that matters and I’m hoping you can fix it: page 17, under “General Loewenhielm’s Speech”, beginning of 2nd paragraph: “dear” should be “clear” — considering this references a speech he is giving, it’s an important distinction that his voice is “clear” and not “dear” – thank you!

    • Hi Linda, thank you for pointing this out. It isn’t our PDF (the header attributes it to the various European agencies that produced it), but I will try to make an amendment to it if I possibly can!

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