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The isolating, eternal chaser,

A monotonous virus alarming our world

Broke delicate bonds,

Relations and connections lost in a dark standstill.

The caution we evolved to have,

Flexing and bending like a field of wheat in the meandering wind,

Adapting and upending the world to a lively place,

Protecting us from what is next to come.

We will find a way or make one.


Ubiquitous, scorching heat:

Debilitating droughts, collapsing glaciers,

Warming oceans have wrought

Global challenge on an infinite scale.

Fossil fuels illuminating paths to creativity:

Physicists, engineers, mathematicians,

To find change, to make change,

As problem solvers.

We will find a way or make one.


Ocean plastics in the depths; microplastics on mountain peaks,

Peaks mounded from the unwanted remains of our lives, carelessly discarded;

Acidic rain from the infected carbon air,

Evidence of our world neglected.

Caring for the world by influencing others,

Taking action to be responsible to the Earth,

Finding ways to use less emissions

And to polish our part of the community to revive this world.

We will find a way or make one.


Stop to lend a hand,

Share your humanity,

Make the world a better place with your actions,

A place where kindness belongs.

Compassion builds a stronger community,

Uniting us all together,

To give sympathy and appreciation,

As benevolent world changers.

We will find a way or make one.


Our diversity centers us:

Inclusion, equity, and individuality

All befit a solid community,

As each bloom shines in a field of wildflowers.

The quality of being fair,

Treating others in a just way,

Building a robust connection

With the people around us.

We will find a way or make one.


The answer in your mind, but hesitation of your hand rising

Erodes the confidence you have in yourself,

The talents that are unique to you.

You have opportunities to advocate,

The privilege to speak up,

An atmosphere filled with assurance,

To show the world what you can accomplish.

It is up to us;

We must find a way or make one.


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