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We're thrilled to announce the results of our 2021 Book Contest. It was a pleasure and an honor to read and consider all the manuscripts, and incredibly difficult to select our two winners. We are excited to share more about the books and the authors with you in the coming months!

Foxtale by Sarah Hunt, 14

Remember the Flowers by Enni Harlan, 14

Honorable Mention
Days of Freedom, a novel by Sophene Avedissian, 13
Twenty Moons, poems by Maggie Berkson, 10
Adventures with the Robot of 1920, a novel by Srija Biswas, 13
A Lonely Lullaby, poems by Analise Braddock, 10
The Hotel Bellboy and Other Tales, stories by Steven Cavros, 10
The Legends of Atruviia, a novel by Ayesha Faruki, 13
Heart of Stars, a novel by Lillia Hamilton, 12
The Immortal Jellyfish, poems by Emma Hoff, 9
A Tale from Inside the Book, a novel by Jaslene Kwack, 11
Reunited, a novel by Olivia Lee, 10
Answering the Moon, a novel by Serena Lin, 10
This is the Song the World Needs Now And Other Poems, poems by Nova Macknik-Conde, 9, and Iago Macknik-Conde, 14
Book Zero, a novel by Leo Michelman, 11
Rainbow, a novel by Aanya Pandeya, 11
Serpent Throat and Other Stories, stories by Tayen Withrow, 11
The Poisonous Gift, a novel by Alice Xie, 13

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    • Hi Alison,

      Yes, the books will be available for purchase on Amazon. We will also announce when they are available for pre-order.

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