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We’re thrilled to announce the results of this year's Stone Soup Annual Book Contest. It was a pleasure and an honor to read and consider all the manuscripts as well as incredibly difficult to select our two winners. We are excited to share more about the authors and their books in the coming months—stay tuned!


An Archeology of the Future, Emma Catherine Hoff, 10

The Handkerchief Woman, Lily Jessen, 14


REALITY IS HERE FOR YOU, Analise Braddock, 11
Imagination, Bethel Daniel, 12
Sunny Fitting Sangeeta, Raeha Khazanchi, 13
Simply Complicated, Madeline Male, 14
Scenes From Before, Pauline McAndrew, 14

Cousins, Emily Chang, 14
Let Me Go, Ariadne Civin, 13
Shattered Moon, Ivy Cordle, 13
Autumn Floods and Winter Fires, Nami Gajcowski, 12
In the Secret Cedar Woods, Elena Gil, 13
The Roaming Realm, Madeline Longoria, 14
Norcelia, Sabrina Lu, 14
These Words That I've Written, Jenna Reenders, 14
Maple of the Moss Folk, Kana Shackelford, 13
Overthrowing Antecessum, Isabella Washer, 13
Sparks, Eleanor Wernly, 11

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  1. Hi! I know that the deadline for this has already past, but I was wondering: For next year’s contests, could I submit a book IN poems? Like a story told through poems, not just a collection of them?
    Thank you!

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