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Below, you will find the results of the Stone Soup 2023 Book Contest. It is always thrilling to read through the manuscripts and always difficult to make the final call. Thank you to all who submitted. We are excited to share more about the winning book in the coming months!

Winner (Fiction)
His Tower of the Night: A Nathalia Kitzmiller Myster, Siri Nelson, 12


Secrets and Blueberry Pie, Oola Breen-Ryan, 12
Waterfall Rocks, Anika Burst, 11
The Exchange, Yutia Li, 14
Cherry Knots, Chloe Ruan, 14
The Groundworld Heroes, Adrian So, 13
Traten, Alexandra Steyn, 14
Kingdoms of Glass, Isabella Washer, 14
Glimpse of Another World—a Collection of Short Stories, Samantha Wu, 14

Poet in 5, Madeline Cleveland, 13
Tree Alone, Amity Doyle, 13
rainbow dreams, Xi Huang, 10
Little Bay Soup, Marilena Korahais, 13 and Petros Korahais, 10
Reflections of Observation, Madeline Male, 14

*We did not select a poetry winner this year

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