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First Place
No Longer Blue" by Olivia Park, 12

Second Place
The Dreamer" by Claire Nagle, 12

Third Place
A Splash of Water" by Tara Prakash, 12

Honorable Mentions
Back in the Days" by Gemma Yin, 11
"Lilith's Quest" by Sabrina Guo, 13

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated; we and our partners at By Kids For Kids – Story Time Podcast loved working together, and we had fun reading your stories and thinking about how they would translate into an audio drama.

In the process of judging this contest we realized that what works for the podcast and what works for Stone Soup Magazine are not quite the same thing. The guidelines we wrote focused on writing stories that would work for a dramatized telling on the podcast. We have learned that stories written that way do not fit with the work we publish in Stone Soup Magazine. For this reason, we have decided to publish the three stories we most admired on the website instead.

AV Entertainment will be working over the coming weeks to make our winning story, "No Longer Blue," into a Podcast episode, and we will prepare the top three placed stories for publication on our website. One of our Honorable Mentions, "Lilith's Quest," will also be recorded. We will add the relevant links as soon as the editing is done. Meanwhile, all our entrants will receive their other prizes, including year-long subscriptions for the top two, and copies of The Stone Soup Book of Fantasy Stories for all those placed. Congratulations everyone!

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