We’re pleased to announce that Stone Soup contributor Sabrina Guo has won a number of medals from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards—and two for work that has (or will) appear in the magazine. Congratulations, Sabrina!

Here are the awards Sabrina won:

  • Gold Medal, Civic Expression Award for Poetry (“Sacrifice”)
  • Gold Medal for Poetry (a collection of three poems, one of which is forthcoming in Stone Soup)
  • Gold Medal for Journalism (“Amplifying Voices with Another Kind of Girl Collective” – blog post on Stone Soup!)

Well done, Sabrina: all of us at Stone Soup are so pleased that you have won this recognition for your writing, and very proud of your achievements.

Read more about the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards here:

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Image credits: Image courtesy Erick A. Hernandez; SOPHIE THOMPSON, Grasping the Cup – Study 3, Printmaking. Grade 8, Bromfield School, Harvard, MA; Photo courtesy Golden Artist Colors; Photo by Shannon Finney

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  1. Eva April 3, 2019 at 10:17 am Reply

    Congratulations Sabrina! Please continue to write and share your journey with us…

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