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Once upon a time, there was a man named: Jeff. He had COVID-19. It was a hot day and he felt like relaxing by swimming. So, he went to dive in the ocean. That is how he started COVID-19 in the ocean!

Soon after that, doctors found out that fish were dying in the ocean. They came together to help the ocean creatures. First, they tried putting the COVID-19 vaccine by chasing every fish. But the fish were fast, and they got away. Then the doctors thought about making an isolation using a huge net. But the infected fish were all over the ocean. So, that plan did not work either. So, the doctors made a medicine that would help all the ocean creatures equally whether they were sick or not. Then the doctors went into the ocean and put the medicine into the food of the small fish. They ate their food and got the medicine. The bigger fish ate the smaller ones and that is how they all got their COVID-19 vaccine. They all recovered. Even the human who caught and ate fish were not sick as well. (Even Jeff got the vaccine at the doctor’s office.)

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  1. Hi Roger Krishna! This is so creative! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. I really enjoyed reading it.

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