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    • Hi April, we are changing the program a bit now that school is back and everyone is busier, but we ae not stopping!
      – Daily Creativity prompts are changing to Weekly Creativity Prompts – published on Mondays only.
      – The Weekly Flash Contest is moving to a Monthly Flash Contest – taking place in the first week of the month, based on the first weekly prompt.
      So – the first weekly prompt is published today, Monday August 31st; and the first Monthly Flash Contest will take place next week, based on the prompt published on Monday September 7th. There is no contest this week.

  1. Hello, I don’t understand which are the Prompts of the week, on which the artwork has to be based. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi Soledad. The prompt was suggesting that you look at the previous 4 prompts of the week: #111-#114 and use those to think about and create an artwork.

  2. I am also confused. Since the Daily Creativity prompts are moving to a Weekly Creativity schedule, the first one of this month should be published on August 31. But I cannot find the prompt for this week on this page. Is there another link for this program? Thanks!

    • You are right Lily, the last prompt of August / first on the weekly schedule should be on the same page. It did go out to the creativity prompts mailing list yesterday, but doesn’t seem to have also been posted on the website. We’ll get it sorted out today.

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