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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

It was a certain Thursday afternoon. The afternoon was cool like ice. Wind was blowing slowly. Birds were singing in the sky. It was also a nice and calm afternoon. I was seated under the mango tree which was near my school library. I was calm and comfortable seeing my environment.

There were many students moving up and down in the school compound. Some students were short and others tall. They had different colored uniforms, some were wearing yellow, others green, and others blue and white, to indicate their class levels. Every student was pulling on sweaters since the afternoon was cold.

After thirty minutes, around 1:30 pm a senior four teacher lost a phone and keys; the teacher was wearing a blue shirt, black trouser and black shoes. The teacher went in the office and reported the loss of his properties to the headmaster of our school. After thirty minutes they rang the bell for new lesson, when all students had entered in their classes.  They had rung the bell for the third time which was to call for the assembly.

All the students had gone out of their classes and were asking one another what had happened then the head master told us about the loss of the teacher’s properties. Then after some seconds a senior two student raised his hand and said, “I am the one who found the phone and keys.” The head master then called a boy and gave him a science book as a gift and we went back in our respective classes. The teacher who had lost his properties went very happy and proud of that senior two student.

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