Memory as Character, Joel

When I was in my country which is DRC. One day my parents, my brothers and sisters and me went for a holiday. We went in a village called Rethy. The village was calm and nice looking. There was not too much noise but only the beautiful sound from nature. There were many trees, rivers […]

Ethnographic Interview 2, Joel

This was a certain Thursday when I was in class interviewing one of my classmates called Sylvan. We were seated facing each other on our blue plastic chairs. We were not alone that day in class but we were with other class mates, our class supervisor and also our teacher, Madam Laura, who was on […]

Ethnographic Interview, by Joel

It was in the evening when I was interviewing my friend at school. His name is Josue. We were seated outside on the desk near our class. My friend Josue was wearing green T-shirt, grey trousers and black shoes. I interviewed him about his job. He is a porter. He told me that he wakes […]