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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.


Once Saturday morning, my classmates and I went for a forest visitation in Kasese. When we reached it, we found other people who also went to visit. Unfortunately, we only knew that the visitation we carrying out is all about forest but we were surprised me and my classmates to find animals such as lions, elephants and others that can be classified as one group and named wild animals. As we were there no one was allowed to get out of the bus because when people are in the bus there are safe from the danger of the wild animals.

Wild animals like lions, tigers even big snakes and many others feed on flesh of other animals. When I see this, I think of how small snakes cannot feed on big but small animals and others feed on the flesh of powerless powerful animals and fight for the victory and to feed on the flesh of the losers. In the lake, we found crocodiles feed on fish and snakes, but if the snake is more powerful than the crocodile, they can fight one must kill another. Hippopotami live together with the crocodile in water they both feed on fish but they never fought together.

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