Deep Observation, by Abigael

I woke up earlier that morning, preparing myself to go to school. Into the school compound, I started marching to my classroom and while standing at the classroom’s door, I discovered that there was new arrangement of desks in the class. It was now two desks facing each other with one side almost forming a […]

Ethnographic Interview, by Abigael

It was a cloudy afternoon at around 2:30pm at school when I decided to call up one of  my classmates for a short interview. We sat opposite to each other and she was so excited to know which kind of conversation I was going to engage with her. She just kept on looking at me […]

Memory as Character, by Abigael

I was in boarding school by then, and as a boarding students we had times for personal revision and they were called preps and winters. Preps started from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and winters from 4:00am to 6:00 am. That night I was done with my prep revision and I was going to sleep just like […]